Anjel club okinawa / English edition

Childcare that gives you a real sense of Okinawa...

Anjel club Okinawa is childcare for babies and kids that enables them to play and learn in the beautiful natural environment of Okinawa.

We are not just babysitters who look after children in a room.

This is childcare that is only possible among the blue sea, white beaches, and rich array of creatures that coexist with humans in Okinawa!

We plan specific ways of looking after your child, based on your schedule and objectives.

There are “trip sitters” who can visit you at the hotel at which you are staying, an outdoor nursery program, in which we go on bus trips to places of natural beauty in Okinawa, parent/child “gramping” (glamourous camping), where parents and children can enjoy Okinawa together, dedicated wedding sitters for resort weddings, and vacation sitters that satisfy the five senses in a way only possible in Okinawa.

*We also accept children with disabilities.


Bus Plans

A Plan
4.5 hours /¥ 15,000+expenses+tax

B Plan
8 hours/ ¥25,000+ expenses +tax
The time can be freely arranged

Trip Sitter Plans

¥3,000 × used time+ trip expenses+ tax

Kids Room Plan

¥2,500 × used time+ trip expenses (transportation expenses + parking fee)+ tax

Bus Granping Plans(Family)

Example) 3-person family/5 hour plan → ¥30,000〜

Wedding Sitter Plans

¥3,000 × used time+ trip expenses + tax

Necessary items

・Change of clothes(including underwear)
・Food(snack and lunch)
・Diapers and milk
・Baby carrier and stroller
・Favorite toy
※In summer, also bring swimming rings, snorkels, life jackets, goggles, and footwear that you do not mind getting wet.


Open 24 hours/365 days
No membership fee/annual fee
Siblings fees are half price from the second child
Excellent damage, compensation, and bus insurance
No charge for taking pictures or videos with the sitter

Trade name Emi-yell Co. Ltd.
location 53-3 Maeganeku, Onnason, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
phone number 0120-012-408


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